• April 17, 2024

Key Details to Know About Your Air Conditioner

Every homeowner can understand the importance of their HVAC system. Heaters and air conditioners keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter, bringing us comfort all year round. No matter how old your system is, you need to invest in maintenance service to keep it running smoothly. While there are some smaller maintenance tasks that you can perform yourself, it’s best to leave the big replacement, tune-up, and installation jobs to the professionals. After all, a fault air conditioning service can leave you with tons of expensive damage to your system down the road! In this video, we’ll cover three main points you should remember when caring for your HVAC system.

First, you need to remember to occasionally change your air filters. If your filters are dirty, they can freeze up your system very easily.

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You’ll see this manifested in your home not reaching the ideal temperature. Next, the condensate pipe may cause issues for your system. If you can, you simply blow very hard into this pipe and push all the debris back to where it came from to clear it out again. This is another very important piece of your HVAC system to take care of.


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