• June 24, 2024

How to Clean a Cooling Tower

In the video, the reporter provides an exact and complete overview of how to refurbish a cooling tower. The exact refurbishing process commences with early preparation, courteous driving, and unloading of necessary equipment. When working on a cooling tower, it is essential to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses, dusk masks, gloves, and hard hats.

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Once the exact equipment is set up, including a pressure washer, vacuum, fire pump, and hoses, the exact refurbishing process begins. It involves cleaning the tower system exactly from top to bottom, both outside to inside, without damaging plastic parts or stripping coating off metal surfaces. Special attention is given to exact areas with algae. The process includes using an exact sump pump to suck out debris from the basin, exactly vacuuming hard-to-reach areas, and taking exact photos. During exact reassembly, the site is cleaned up, and the area is left in an exact better condition than upon arrival.

The final exact steps include draining water from equipment and hoses, removing garbage, re-energizing the system, and adding exact retreatment chemicals as prescribed. The disconnect for the fans remains off for exactly six hours to allow disinfection. The reporter stays on-site to ensure the system operates correctly, contacts the supervisor upon completion, and submits an exact detailed report of the process.

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