• May 18, 2024

Your Ultimate Summer Deep Cleaning Checklist for Your Cleveland Home

Having an inviting home for summer means that you will need to deep clean more than just the house after winter. The summer season is for spending time outside with your family and friends over a weekend barbecue party or just relaxing. Spruce out your outside at the beginning of summer to make sure that you can have a place everyone will love spending time in.

So, what exactly should you clean around your home for summer? If you are unsure what task should make your deep cleaning to-do list, we have prepared this “summer deep cleaning checklist” to help you focus on key areas that may need attention and some sprucing up.

1. Cleaning The Pool And Pool Cover

Your pool gets most of the work out during summer. That’s why it earns a top spot on your summer deep cleaning checklist. Warm, lazy days will make you and your loved ones want to cool off or splash around in the pool. But nobody will want to get into the water unless it’s sparking blue. That is why you need to include the pool(and don’t forget about the pool cover) on your summer deep cleaning checklist.

First, the pool. To clean your pool, you need to skim the water’s surface to remove any leaves and debris that could have fallen into the pool from the nearby trees and bushes in your garden. You should regularly skim the surface every couple of days to ensure no stray vegetation that falls in stays there so long that it can start decomposing and change the pH of the water in the pool. All the effort you put into keeping the water surface clean will help you save money in the long run. Having a clean water surface helps to use fewer chemicals to ensure the water stays blue.

Like inside your home, dirt in your pool sinks to the bottom and clings to the sides. Your pool sides and bottom must also be vacuumed at least once a week to remove the accumulated dirt. To make this chore easier and take over this monotonous task, you can invest in an automatic vacuum that connects to your pump and runs a daily cycle according to how you set it in. If you have an automatic pool cleaner, don’t forget to check the vacuum filter on a regular basis to ensure it is not blocked and that the vacuum is cleaning efficiently.

Next, clean the pool filter by backwashing the water until it’s clear.

Lastly, check the pH of the water. It should be around 7.2. If the reading is higher, you will need to add muriatic ash to the water; if the reading is below 7.2, you will need to add soda ash. If you don’t have the necessary pH measuring kit and chemicals at home, you can call a pool service company to help you with that.

Now, you need to clean the pool cover. If you have a pool and small children or pets, a pool cover is a must as a safety precaution to prevent drowning accidents. You need to clean your pool cover every few months to maintain it in good condition for as long as possible. It can be done quite easily by one person. All you need to do is to remove any loose sand and debris on the cover surface and spray it with a cleaning solution of soapy water. Brush the cover with a soft brush to remove any stubborn stains and rinse off. Once the surface is dry and clean, remove the pool cover, flip it over, and spread it on the grass. Wash the side facing the water with soapy water and dry thoroughly. When the cover is dry, you can store it until it needs to be used again.

Before anyone dives into the pool for that first summer swim, check the bottom and the sides of the pool for any cracks and leaks. If you have a pool that has a pool liner installed, check it thoroughly to make sure the liner is still sound. You may need to invest in a pool liner replacement if there are cracks or damaged areas.

If you are struggling with any of these tasks, the best way to get them done is to call a pool service company to come or to advise you which pool supplies you will need to ensure a beautiful, blue, sparkling pool.

2. Deep Clean Your Drains.

Summer seems to be a safe period for drains and pipes, or so you thought. Summer’s high temperatures can cause the water level in the sewage system in your home to drop. Less water in the pipes makes it difficult for waste to pass, and it may accumulate and stick to the sides of your pipes, making the lumen of the pipe narrower. When the summer showers come and excess water enters the system, the extra water in the system may not have sufficient room in the pipes to flow away smoothly, and it may cause an overflow.

Other culprits that can cause your drains to get blocked in summer are the trees and shrubs growing nearby the pipes. As the weather warms up and the ground gets drier, the vegetation roots seek out the water and may break into the sewage pipes, causing unpleasant leaks or clogs.

Once, your sewer pipe becomes clogged, you will have to put up with the unpleasant smell, like rotten eggs emitting from your drains and dishwasher. The water will drain slowly from the sink and the shower, and if you own a septic tank, it may back up.

Before that happens, add a drain cleaning task to your summer deep cleaning checklist. Calling in a specialist drain cleaner or sewer cleaning services can ensure nothing unpleasant builds up below the surface.

3. Take Advantage Of Good Weather To Get Your Rugs Cleaned.

Put cleaning your rugs on your summer deep cleaning checklist because summer is the best season to get your area rugs cleaned. The warm sunny weather means you can easily take a rug outside and wet it thoroughly because the warm sun rays will dry it without any mess.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays, which are bad for your skin, are great for drying out hard-to-get-dry items like rugs, couch cushions, and even bed mattresses. It takes only a couple of hours in the sun to dry those items, and the sun’s rays also have an antibacterial action so that you can disinfect your rugs at the same time.

Of course, if you cannot clean the rugs by yourself, you can call an area rug cleaning service for help.

4. Get Control Over That Mold Lurking In The Corners Of The Patio Furniture.

Mold and mildew can grow anywhere where there is moisture. It especially loves to hide in the corners of patio cushions or where the cushions lie against the backrest of the couch frame.

Summer is the time to get rid of mold that has grown on your patio furniture cushions and other soft fabrics. After lying unused in storage during winter, the patio furniture cushions can develop mildew and mold patches growing on them. Instead of throwing them away, and breaking your budget on buying new ones, put cleaning patio soft furnishings on your summer deep cleaning checklist.

You can stop these harmful fungi from destroying your outdoor furniture with a few simple steps.

Take all the upholstered pieces outside to prevent spreading mold spores inside your home during cleaning. Brush off as much as possible of the mildew and mold with a brush before soaking the cushions in hot water mixed with bleach to kill the mold spores. You will need to check the fabric washing instructions to make sure it can be washed in bleach and is color resistant. If it doesn’t, try using oxygen bleach for the soaking part. It is kinder on the fabric and will be as effective at removing the mold and mildew stains from fabrics and cushion inners as regular bleach. Once you have soaked the cushions and the stains are still visible, try washing them with laundry detergent and hot water. Rinse the fabric pieces and hang them outside to dry in the hot summer sun. Once dry, the mold stains should be gone, and you will be able to use your patio cushions for another season of fun.

If you cannot manage this task yourself, you can remove mold and mildew from your patio furniture by calling mold cleaning services. Their expert care will keep your patio furniture looking new in no time.

5. Transform Your Garden Into A Relaxing Place To Meet Friends.

Having a well-kept garden is a necessity during summer. Everyone loves outdoor parties. It must be on your summer deep cleaning checklist to ensure your outdoor space is inviting and a place where friends want to hang out.

Here are a few tips on what you should do to make your garden nice and ready for summer.

During summer, you and your family will spend more time outside and take more notice of your trees and plants in the garden. Make sure that all the trees are trimmed and neat. Tree trimming is an important part of making sure that there aren’t any low branches that could pose a hazard to your family or guests. If any of the trees on your property has suffered damage due to a storm, it needs to be felled so that it does not clutter your garden. Also, removing all dead branches must be part of your tree trimming task so your garden looks neat.

A garden full of healthy, green plants is a pleasure, and taking care of the irrigation system should be on your summer deep cleaning list. You may think that watering plants is not cleaning, but it could be considered a deep cleaning task when you think about how beautiful, clean, and tidy flowerbeds look when filled with flowering plants. Your garden will look beautiful when your plants receive sufficient water. Summer heat is prone to dry out the top layer of the ground, and if you are too busy to keep up with the daily watering, consider installing a residential garden irrigation system.

For your garden to be complete, you must ensure upgrading your lawn is on your summer deep cleaning checklist. The grassy patches and lawns in your garden will look inviting when the grass is short and green. If you are installing a residential irrigation system, include your grass patches in the installation. Regular watering will ensure that your grass is green and lush. Just right for those impromptu ball games your children play or a great, soft place to lounge and tan.

If your grass is patchy after winter or is not as green as it could be, you can seek advice from a local lawn care service center to help you find out what’s needed to transform a patchy, yellow lawn into a beautiful green carpet that is fit for your family and friends.

Many people think summer is the best time of the year. It’s usually when most people take time off work and enjoy a holiday. Summer is a time for spending time with family, especially enjoying outdoor living. If you want your house to become known as the best gathering place for friends and family, you need to deep clean it for summer so everyone can enjoy it. Now that you know what needs to be a part of your summer deep cleaning checklist to get your outside entertainment area in great shape, you can draw up your personal summer deep cleaning checklist.

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